For Dents/Dings:06 MDX

The Dent Hunter pricing is based on three factors:

* Size of damage
* Sharpness of damage
* Location of damage

If you would like a free telephone estimate, all I need is the following information:

-On the vehicle, determine the panel on which the dent is located:
(hood, front fenders, doors, rear quarter panels, trunklid, or roof?)

-Next, where on the panel is the dent located?
In most cases, the dent needs to be at least a quarter-inch away from any
edge of the panel in order for it to be fixable.

-Is the paint broken or cracked?
Unfortunately PDR cannot repair paint, but as long as the paint is still intact,
I can still attain a 100% dent removal.

-How large is the dent? dimesized, quartersized, or larger?
I have repaired dents in excess of two feet in diameter with superb

-Is the dent soft and round, or is it sharp, creased or even crunched?

With this information, I should be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate.

Paintless dent removal costs can range typically from $65 all the way up to $500
for one dent. I do give discounts according to the amount of work being estimated.
Group discounts are also welcomed!

For Hail Damage:05 Patriot
The Dent Hunter’s hail repair prices are based on a chart that prices the cost according to the number and size of the dents on a particular panel. Hail estimates vary on a broad scope and require an experienced estimator to calculate the total costs for a thorough repair. We provide this valuable service for free with any repair contract. Please call for an appointments.