Q. What Size Dents Can be Repaired?

A. Even very large door dings and hail damage can be permanently removed without any signs of a repair. Generally, the damage needs to be at least a half-inch away from any edge of the panel. The majority of my repairs are for non-collision damage, but in some cases, I can repair damage caused by minor collisions.
My customers are usually ecstatic and become desirable repeat customers.
Q. Is Paintless Dent Removal Covered by Insurance?

A. Absolutely, but most often in hail damage cases. Insurance companies have embraced PDR because of it’s lower cost and repair time.
For any non-hail damage, such as door dings and shopping cart dents usually cost less to remove than your average insurance deductible.
Q. Will dents repaired by this method ever come back?

A. No. Paintless Dent Repairs are permanent.
Q. Will PDR damage the painted surface?

A. The durable paint on modern vehicles of today are flexible enough to allow for the returning of the body to its original factory shape.
Q. During a repair, can an inexperienced technician completely ruin your paint finish to the point of
an irreversible state forcing you to have to repaint the vehicle in a body shop?

A. Absolutely. (call The Dent Hunter)